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*** Please note that the album contains only birdsong, no performed music. ***

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Songs of Disappearance (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - must be downloaded on a computer) (Australian Bird Calls)
Released on 3 December 2021
℗ 2021 The Bowerbird Collective
Songs of Disappearance (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - must be downloaded on a computer)
Australian Bird Calls
  • Tracks
    1Songs of Disappearance02:55$1.08 Buy
    2Fernwren00:34$1.08 Buy
    3Purple-crowned Fairy-wren00:41$1.08 Buy
    4Western Heath Whipbird00:28$1.08 Buy
    5Kangaroo Island Brown Thornbill00:16$1.08 Buy
    6Gang-gang Cockatoo00:32$1.08 Buy
    7Golden Bowerbird00:41$1.08 Buy
    8Western Boobook00:22$1.08 Buy
    9Black-eared Miner00:33$1.08 Buy
    10Noisy Scrub-bird00:26$1.08 Buy
    11Australian Palm Cockatoo00:33$1.08 Buy
    12Carpentarian Grasswren00:22$1.08 Buy
    13Australian Eclectus Parrot00:19$1.08 Buy
    14Grey-headed Robin00:28$1.08 Buy
    15Carnabys Black-Cockatoo00:21$1.08 Buy
    16South-Eastern Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo00:22$1.08 Buy
    17Indian Ocean Red-tailed Tropicbird00:20$1.08 Buy
    18South-eastern Hooded Robin00:27$1.08 Buy
    19Lowland Pilotbird00:31$1.08 Buy
    20Scrubtit00:11$1.08 Buy
    21Satin Bowerbird00:32$1.08 Buy
    22Mallee Emu-wren00:31$1.08 Buy
    23Christmas Island Boobook00:20$1.08 Buy
    24Australasian Bittern00:11$1.08 Buy
    25Christmas Island Frigatebird00:20$1.08 Buy
    26Southern Royal Albatross00:21$1.08 Buy
    27Malleefowl00:15$1.08 Buy
    28Kangaroo Island Glossy Black-Cockatoo00:27$1.08 Buy
    29Latham’s Snipe00:29$1.08 Buy
    30Far Eastern Curlew00:21$1.08 Buy
    31Great Knot00:19$1.08 Buy
    32Yakutian Bar-tailed Godwit00:11$1.08 Buy
    33Red Goshawk00:13$1.08 Buy
    34Southern Barking Owl00:29$1.08 Buy
    35Norfolk Island Green Parrot00:21$1.08 Buy
    36Southern Squatter Pigeon00:27$1.08 Buy
    37Lord Howe Woodhen00:22$1.08 Buy
    38Eastern Grey Plover00:15$1.08 Buy
    39Regent Honeyeater00:30$1.08 Buy
    40Swift Parrot00:29$1.08 Buy
    41Christmas Island Imperial-Pigeon00:22$1.08 Buy
    42Mallee Striated Grasswren00:32$1.08 Buy
    43Northern Eastern Bristlebird00:19$1.08 Buy
    44Princess Parrot00:32$1.08 Buy
    45Western Bristlebird00:26$1.08 Buy
    46Plains-wanderer00:30$1.08 Buy
    47Mallee Whipbird00:25$1.08 Buy
    48Eastern Regent Parrot00:27$1.08 Buy
    49Flinders Ranges Thick-billed Grasswren00:21$1.08 Buy
    50Western Bassian Thrush00:28$1.08 Buy
    51Yellow Chat00:18$1.08 Buy
    52Western Ground Parrot00:52$1.08 Buy
    53Forty-spotted Pardalote00:27$1.08 Buy
    54Night Parrot00:29$1.08 Buy

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